Creative Small Business Pack

Email is often the single biggest time-consumer in any small business owners’ life. And what serves to exacerbate the problem? Not knowing how to answer those standard emails, the ones that pop up on a daily or weekly basis, with professionalism & warmth.

And what’s worse is typing out those same emails again and again, meaning you’re wasting HOURS every week on Inbox Paralysis. All while more emails continue to flood your account.

This set of email templates, written JUST for creative small business owners, is the solution to many of the most common emails you’ll receive each week. These templates will enable you to easily & quickly answer those reoccurring emails, getting you OUT of your inbox, and back to the aspects of your business that you absolutely love.

The 30-minute coaching video will walk you through the rationale & strategy pushing each email, because knowing the WHY behind each template will equip you to make these work even more powerfully for your unique business!

Included in this pack, you’ll find templates for the following:

  • The Generic “Gentle No”
  • Declining the Request for a Discount
  • Declining the Request for Changes to a Package
  • Here’s Your Contract…Please Sign!
  • Contract Reminder When client Has Yet to Sign
  • Declining to Adjust or Modify Your Contract
  • Payment Reminder
  • Late Payment Reminder
  • Declining a Vendor’s Request for Free Work
  • Declining Request for Goods/Services You Don’t Offer
  • Client Asks for Something Not Included in their Quote
  • Setting Boundaries with Office Hours/Time Off
  • Client is Behind on the Timeline
  • Client is Not a Good Fit
  • The Final Approval for Designers

These templates were created to go hand-in-hand with the coaching video! However, if you’re all set with your inbox & email strategy and simply want to get eyes on how I word my responses, the PDF of email templates is available as a standalone product.

Also included with the coaching video: a bonus video tutorial on enabling Canned Responses for Gmail, making it easy as pie to put your templates into action!

Due to the nature of the downloading of digital goods, all sales are final.

We love bringing new educational content to creative small business owners, so please remember that this product is intended only for the use of the purchaser and may not be shared in portion or as a whole with any other parties!


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