A Practical Engagement Course

A two-part video course on photographing engagement sessions!
Part 1 explores all of the work that goes into prepping for an engagement session-  starting with the "why" behind it all, scheduling with your couple, choosing locations, educating your couples on what to wear, and prepping your gear.

Part 2 takes you BEHIND THE SCENES at an actual engagement session- you'll get to see and hear how I pose and interact with my couple, along with follow-up photos from the session itself to show you how it turned out. You'll hear the explanations behind why I do what I do!

This downloadable course includes:

  • Part 1 video: the nuts and bolts of prepping for your session
  • Part 2 video: live engagement session
  • 16-page workbook with additional tips, insight, and questions to help you develop your own engagement session game plan
  • Quick & easy, mobile-friendly pocket posing guide

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