Meet Abby & Matt



Well hello, there!

I'm the international photographer, educator, and dreamer. He's the office manager, planner, and enabler of all those things I dream up. Together, we're the duo behind Abby Grace Photography! We're based just outside of Washington, DC with our two rescue pups, Lily & Sirius. And yeah- they were named after Harry Potter characters. Good catch! 

Over the last 6+ years in business, I've had the joy of teaching hundreds of creative small business owners through workshops and conference speaking engagements like ShowIt's UNITED, Creative At Heart, and more! Our vision for the education we offer is that it will enable other entrepreneurs to run businesses that enable a life that they LOVE.  

Being passionate about your craft is one thing; we want to equip you with the tools to make turning that passion into sustainable profit a reality! 

To see more of my work and for more free education, visit my blog!


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