Creative Small Business Pack

This set of email templates, written JUST for creative small business owners, answers the most common emails you’ll receive each week, getting you OUT of your inbox, and back to the aspects of your business that you absolutely love. These include:

  • Setting Boundaries with Office Hours/Time Off
  • Client is Behind on the Timeline
  • Declining to Adjust or Modify Your Contract

...and more!


Photog I Pack

Does writing the same email over and over make you want to cry? Email templates have saved me HOURS every week! With this pack you'll find:

  • the New Client Inquiry response
  • the Wedding Planner Inquiry response
  • the Unavailable for Your Wedding Date response

...and more!


Photog II Pack

A follow-up to our first set of email templates containing 14 more email templates that the majority of photographers use on a weekly, if not daily, basis including:

  • Sending the Contract
  • Payment Reminder
  • Contract Reminder When Client Has Yet to Sign

 ... and more!


Gentle No Pack

Saying “no” can be sticky in any scenario, but especially when it comes to being a photography business owner! Finding the perfect wording to gently decline the requests you receive can cause inbox paralysis. This pack includes:

  • Declining the Request for a Discount
  • When Vendors Ask for Free Photography/Work
  • Declining Request for Services You Don’t Offer

...and more!


The Photographer Bundle

Can't decide which template to get, why not get three bundled together? With the bundle you'll get:

  • Photographer Pack #1
  • Photographer Pack #2
  • Gentle No Pack

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